We can hardly remember the day that we entered this fair city of Huntsville and have never looked back. Since we got here we just fell in love with it and its people and vowed that we would do our best to serve them to the best of our ability. Since opening our tree trimming and pruning business, we have expanded far beyond that scope into a number of different arenas, each with their own benefits to serving the community.

You can do a lot more as a member of a great company, and that is why we hand picked a number of Huntsville locals to help us make the city a better place. We have combined local talent with talent from around the globe to create a company that is on the cutting edge of technology but one that still cares very much about the people in this small rural community.

From trimming trees in people’s yard to doing things much more such as rug cleaning and providing the community with tree education classes and being a staple in the donation flow of the city, there is nothing that we would not do for our customers and which is why we have had such an easy time keeping the customers that we already have. Customer retention is what got us here and is something that we will continue to do until our business is no more.

If it sounds too good to be true

It is because we looked at the way in which other companies have been doing business and have decided that we do not much care for a lot of ways in which these companies operate. Today it seems to be all about the bottom line, which makes sense because the industry that we work in is so competitive, but what ever happened to old fashioned hard work?

It seems like everyone wants to make a quick buck and not care about the customers that are paying them. That is why we decided that above being a tree removal company, that we would be a teacher for tree removal business. That we would consult and only charge money, which are the lowest prices in the business if we had to. A call to us is a call to a company that will continue to serve the community and give you the best advice that we can to ensure that your trees are maintained properly and your property protected.

If you teach a person to take care of their own trees they will trust you when the problem becomes too great for them to handle. This is why we have so many customers, customers that are very loyal to us and we are very loyal to them. It is the nature of a good business to be there for the community and we believe that by giving back we are doing so much more for the community than other companies that are just interested in the bottom line.

Proper removal and disposal services