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When people hear that we offer rug steam cleaning services in addition to our tree services, they are often baffled. What does one have to do with the other? They might ask. And the answer to that is simple: we wanted to become the best rug cleaner in the great city of Huntsville, and we believe that we have done just that and that customers have begun to take notice.

My father was always a huge collector of Oriental rugs. And even though he did not come from money he always had a fascination with them. They were often the source of static between him and my mom, but he loved them dearly and taught me how to clean them before he passed, which is something that I was always good at and a skill that I highly valued.

Here we are many years later

And we are one of the largest and the best steam cleaning arecompanies in the entire city. This is a great opportunity to meet people and through our tree service, we have met people that also need their rugs steam cleaned. We have the best equipment and you can be sure that our prices are second to none. I have carried on the legacy of my father through steam cleaning and area rug cleaning drop off and couldn’t be happier that I am doing it in this great city.

For the lowest price in the area, we can have your rug looking like new and even repair ones that have received a great deal of love over the years. It is the least we can do for the city that my father vowed to live his life in and one that I very much enjoy calling home.

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